Copperbelt 2

One evening, at the beginning of the 20th century, pioneer and prospector, William Collier was walking along the banks of the Kafue River in Northern Rhodesia, when he saw a roan antelope. He shot this magnificent beast, and on the rock where its curved horns lay was a green stain. Malachite, or ‘green stones’ as the Africans called them, were easily available and were a sure sign that copper could be found in that area. This was the birth of the Northern Rhodesian copper industry and the Copperbelt mines of Bancroft, Bwana Mkubwa, Chambishi, Chibuluma (at Kalulushi), Nchanga (at Chingola), Nkana (at Kitwe), Mufulira and the Roan Antelope (at Luanshya), came into being.

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